Board Game Mechanics: Asymmetry


Asymmetry, by definition, is a lack of equality between at least two sides. Turns out, this concept has created some pretty remarkable changes to the way board games are played.

Has DLC Ruined Video Games?


DLC has gotten out of control! What are indie devs doing about it?

The State of OTC: 2017


What’s new with OTC in 2017?

The Story ROGUE ONE Didn’t Tell (Warning: Spoilers)


This month marks the release of the first stand-alone film of the Star Wars Anthology series: Rogue One. While the movie has been received with high praise and adoration from fans around the world, it has also served as a reminder of what has been lost with JJ Abrams’ reboot of Star Wars. With the announcement of The Force Awakens, many fans felt a great disturbance at the declaration of the discontinuation of the Star Wars Expanded Universe being canon to the story (Now called Star Wars Legends). Everything that had been true to the universe was suddenly cast out, and that included the much beloved Rogue Squadron. Member Rogue Squadron? After the battle of Yavin that saw the fall of the Death Star (Episode 4) to…

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Board Game Mechanics: Roll and Move


Learn about one of the oldest and possibly most recognized mechanics known to board gaming; the Roll and Move (R&M).

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