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We are four indie game developers in a basement in Boise Idaho. Our first game Defend Your Dojo, is out now for free on your browser! After spending months developing Defend Your Dojo and other games in a dark basement, we decided to make a community to meet new people and occasionally see sunlight! OTC Gaming is great place to talk about game development, game marketing, gaming events, or even just playing games! (Even board games) At least if Tim ever gets the forum fixed...

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OTC Gaming is proud to be an official sponsor of BoiseLan2.0, a lan-party in February at the Trailhead in Boise with over 50 players with tournaments, prizes, DJs, free Bawls, and an official Defend Your Dojo high score contest! Tickets are almost sold out so be sure to logon to and reserve yours! We have agreed to compete in the League of Legends Tournament, and are planning on getting embarrassed...thoroughly...


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