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Founded January of 2015, four computer nerds got a hair brained idea to try something awesome; To make awesome (video and board) games that they themselves would want to play! Fate saw fit to bring these four together from some of the most unlikely plains of existence to ever meet… and get along! A former portable toilet cleaner, a DJ, a car wash manager, and whatever Joseph decides that he was defined as, all merged together in new careers at the same place of employment. Fate, or destiny? Who cares! For whatever reason, the stars aligned, and some great ideas will be brought forth into this world for all to enjoy. Whether the world be ready for it or not, OTC Gaming has made it’s arrival, and plans to reshape the way games are done!

Meet the Krew!



Tim YB profileTim Youngblood

Tim is a lifelong gamer and avid nerd. After years of cleaning portable toilets, he graduated Boise State University with a degree in history, then fell into digital marketing after. He’s now a content editor and writer for All About Circuits. He usually plays games online as some variation of “Tmoney,” so if you see him online, please gank him for us! He also has a cute cat and makes a delightful margarita.



Zac Jackson

Zac started developing games at the ripe age of 14. Starting with Q basic (you heard right, that’s Msdos) and eventually moving on to fail in other more complex systems. He eventually fell in love with audio production and the rest kind of fell into place.






Kcody Dansereau

Kcody has been making board games since he was in his single digits. Thankfully, he’s entered the modern era where he discovered his design gateway, “Little Big Planet”. While he still makes board games, his talents now include video game design.




Joseph Burbank

Born and raised in Idaho, Joseph is a tech loving gamer. Gifted with the ability to day dream to effect, he is the groups story teller. While he can get a little carried away with his elaborate creations, with proper editing and feedback from friends, we expect great things!

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