Kickstarter Focus: Jupiter Hell


This month on Kickstarter we found a worthy challenger to the bloodthirsty, dungeon crawling, gore splattering quest to roguelike greatness: Jupiter Hell!

Defend Your Dojo: Why we only released for browser


It’s been a crazy few weeks releasing Defend Your Dojo, but we finally got some time to explain ourselves in a thrilling blog post involving montages…

PAX East: Game Feast


We highlighted our favorite games to grace the city of Boston in early March, 2015.

Sid Meier’s Starships


A quick review of Sid Meier’s upcoming Starships game.

Steve, and his Kickstarter!


The time is drawing near! We will be launching our Kickstarter campaign for Steve the Alright Knight, very soon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and get the scoop as soon as it… gets… scooped? (Yeah, something like that)

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