Defend Your Dojo

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Immortality is Fleeting, Vengeance is Forever

Your clan may have perished, but you do not fight alone! To struggle brings meaning to your suffering, and as you persist powerful enchantments will summon themselves forth to aid in your battle. Augment your shaken, or throwing star, with potent elemental effects. Pick up ancestral boons to increase your speed, heal your wounds, or even temporarily become immortal. Take care in what you choose, as a soul can only carry so much weight and power within itself, and you have much blood that needs to be answered for.

When Home & Hearth is Threatened!

Heroes don’t choose their destinies, and often aren’t thanked for the sacrifices they make. In Defend Your Dojo, you are such a hero. You fight when everyone else in your clan has fallen, even knowing that you too are doomed. Take as many of the invaders with you, and bring honor to your families legacy!

Spread Your Tale on Facebook

When you fall, let your death serve as a warning to others of the glory of your clan. Share your score with your friends over the ancient power of Facebook and challenge them to do better!

Updates and Expansions

The story of your dojo does not end here. By your defiance alone does the grand nature of your tale become manifest! Watch as your enemies gain more powerful as their leaders join the struggle, behold as new and excited upgrades are released into your world. Your fight doesn’t end with your death, it merely starts there!

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